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What is the function of the "thing model" in the Internet of Things platform and what is its function?

The object model is the data model used to describe the product function in the IoT platform. In Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform, a TSL is a digital representation of an entity (such as a sensor, an in-vehicle device, a building, or a factory) in a physical space in the cloud. It describes what the entity is, what it can do, and what information it can provide to the outside world in terms of attributes, services, and events.


What does car networking mean? What are the functions?

The Internet of Vehicles refers to a huge interactive network composed of information such as vehicle location, speed, and route. The Internet of Vehicles can detect the running status of the car, realize the interconnection of the car and the vehicle, and can also realize unmanned driving.


Tower Wireless Location Solution

The DTU products developed by Aleca in cooperation with Beijing Zhongjiao Xinda (formerly a subsidiary of the Ministry of Communications) successfully entered the procurement list of China Communications Facilities Services Co., Ltd. (commonly known as Tower Company) and were shipped in batches after passing the rigorous tests of Theil Laboratory.