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    • Aleka and Beijing in the cross-letter (the original subordinate enterprises of the Ministry of Communications) to develop DTU products successfully entered the China Communications Facilities Services Co., Ltd. (commonly known as: Tower Company) procurement list, after passing the rig test laboratory , The formation of bulk delivery. The tower company is jointly established by China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the registered capital of 10 billion yuan of the only domestic: tower construction, operation and maintenance; room construction, operation and maintenance of state-owned enterprises. In order to ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of the powerhouse equipment of the tower base station, the tower company plans to complete the monitoring system of 2.5 million sets of stock tower in the next 2-3 years.

    • The traditional analog intercom system is facing the coverage distance, communication security can not guarantee, mutual interference can not be avoided, can not do effective management and a series of problems. In order to overcome these shortcomings, Aleka and good management technology Co., Ltd. spent a year to develop a network of operators based on the public network intercom system ECHAT, to achieve security, national coverage, cluster management intercom system. In this system, Aleka developed 3G module for the walkie-talkie stable access system, front-end service applications, background scheduling data transmission to provide a reliable guarantee. Currently into the depth of the industry custom, for the mine, the terminal, long-distance fleet, railway scheduling, railway inspection, public security, fire and other fields.

    • A Lok card for the Guangdong Science and Technology Development of the Router + 4G module, in November 2015 through the customer's verification, the successful entry into the Ministry of Public Security Skynet trap project. Skynet trap is part of the Skynet project, with the maintenance of stability plan implementation, the development of equipment along the street to build. The equipment is composed of routing, analysis system, transmission system, monitoring probe and WIFI MAC spy. The image and MAC address are imported into the public security cloud, and the real name system is used to track, locate and identify. 4G wireless network mature and uplink bandwidth increase for wireless monitoring provides a lot of opportunities (not fixed network restrictions), Aleka is developing 4G to LAN ultra-small module to solve the point-to-point requirements, specifically to meet the network Camera needs.

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